Oh look, a blog, how original!

It may seem like I'm arriving 8 years late kicking off a blog in spring 2012. However this is more like a long awaited resurrection of my blog run from 2005 to late 2008, which tracked my progress not only through my later education but also of my programming, as it was consistently developed, redeveloped and reskinned as I learned more about the exciting world of making websites.

So here we are back again. I agonised over using Wordpress, or maybe even being a bit more modern and starting a Tumblr or Posterous account. With already being very active on Twitter, and to a lesser extent Facebook, I decided that I'd throw caution and basic sense to the wind, electing to use my own platform and retain some control over my data. So far it's proving good, having set this up over an episode of Green Wing and a cup of tea with my grandparents.

As with any stereotypical blogger I'm intending to post numerous articles with my opinions on life, the universe and other clichés. I'm also intending to go and try importing some of my old blog posts as some are probably still interesting, and of course get this cross posting onto a few million various social networks. I will not follow the basic template of not writing and apologising for it - you don't care and I don't either. I'll get Disqus set up to sort out my comments too.

Here we go again!

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