Arrival in China

So here we are in China. The 11 hour flight wasn't too bad, though I need to learn to time my sleeping with when they turn lights on/off. They served food twice, which was unexpected, and whilst not amazing it was tasty and filling.

The view over the flight was also interesting, though the on flight map was broken (amusingly returning an ASP error). It became more so as the sun went down and we left Europe, with the sparseness of population indicated by the occasional visible lights. We went over a few isolated airfields and what looked like a few tribal settlements, all the lights in a circle. After blogging I will be trying to trace our route for sure.

The in flight movie selection was also decent, I watched Wolverine, a film I've somehow missed until now, and Kick Ass, for some light relief. I intended only to watch one, but a child two seats away decided to practice screaming for 3 hours; at times I feared he may actually detonate.

Guangzou (no idea if that's spelt right) seems like a sprawling city. We flew right over on the way in, huge buildings for miles and very few single houses or estates like we're used to. Within minutes of walking off the plane my hair was already damp with the humidity, but the terminal is big and air conditioned. It also sounds tropical as there's a very loud bird flying around, so far evading my attempts to photograph him.

I'm currently in a coffee shop, to use their WiFi I grudgingly paid $9 for tea, but have been given a whole pot so don't feel so bad. It's very nicely done up for an airport coffee shop too. My flight to Ho Chi Minh is in 3 hours, so I'll take further advantage of the Kindle I've been lent and finish reading Asimov's Foundation series.

Stay tuned for further updates; I'm the furthest I've been from home and finally excited for this trip - my wallet may hate me but I think I'll be doing more of this Travelling thing!

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